We are still working out what workshops there will be on the day. This may not be decided until the day itself simply because what is said and discussed in the morning may spur people to take forward the issues raised in the morning into the afternoon workshops. So be prepared for sudden changes.

Workshops – your feedback and suggestions so far

To help us better respond to your needs, please have a look at the feedback we have received from some of you via registration form so far.. Please indicate your level of interest, together with any comment.

You can respond to all of the  polls but you don’t have to! If there is one theme that you are particularly interested in, please add a comment to that effect.

If none of the suggestions by others set out below are what you are looking for, please leave a comment at the bottom suggesting other ideas. Thanks!


“maybe a workshop that focuses on what is happening at Treliske?”


Future of NHS in Cornwall

“I’d like to come out of this with some clearly defined campaigns that we might actually win. I would particularly like some discussion of mental health, primary care and community health services. I’d also like a place to start discussing what sort of NHS we really want in Cornwall”.


Workshop with local area focus

“I would find a local area focus helpful”.

Workshop on effective lobbying

“A workshop on who we should lobby and how we can be influential in the lobbying process, in order to gain democratic involvement in the running of our NHS services.”

On the day itself, if you find that there is more than one workshop you want to go to, don’t worry. Choose your preferred workshop and we will post up notes of all the other workshops on this website, together with any agreed action plan and a group contact form for each of the workshops.

This means you are not confined to the specific workshop you attended on the day and it allows opportunity to network with others at a later date.

What we hope is that the workshops will turn into working groups that will continue after the conference has ended. Ideally each workshop will come up with a simple action plan composed of ‘next steps’ by the end of the afternoon.   Whether this happens is very much down to you. The website is there as a platform  for  people to share information and co-ordinate online after the conference,  although many may prefer to take things forward via their group facebook page – it is entirely up to you and the connections you make on the day.

38 Degrees campaign toolkit

Finally, please take a look at this campaign toolkit on Clinical Commissioning Groups. It is an excellent resource,choc full of useful information and advice. Some copies will be available on the day but if you can download and print out your own, so much the better.





2 thoughts on “Workshops

  1. Thank you for the Toolkit, very useful.
    I think a Local Area focus workshop is a good idea because people can work with their local GP’s, District Nurses,etc,(if willing) and look at:-
    a) new ways of informing people about where and, very importantly, what daytime and nightime NHS services are available to them, which could begin to stop people seeing A&E as their only option.
    b) ways of providing more up front access to latest health and wellbeing information;
    c) and spread the word and provide access to information about what is happening to the NHS locally and nationally (Gavin’s web site?).
    The above could result in informed local communities that when push comes to shove will have people willing to make their voices heard across the county, even as far as Westminster, to protect and enhance their NHS.


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