Afternoon workshops


Here are some suggestions for the afternoon workshops. A couple of people have already offered to facilitate a workshop and their name is in brackets . However these are provisional and may change or adapted to what emerges out of the morning session  simply because what is said and discussed  in the morning may spur people to take forward the issues raised into the afternoon workshops.

To kick off the afternoon, we will have two 5-minute presentations giving top tips for campaigning, one by a 38 Degrees campaigner and the other by a UNITE rep(more details later) We then assemble into our preferred group.

Health & social care (Judith will facilitate)

West Cornwall model of organising (current campaign lead by St Ives 38 Degrees group, Anthony  to facilitate)

Effective campaigning (Deborah, UNITE)

Special issues in Cornwall (Rik Evans, ex member of RCHT board)

Special issues in Devon (Geoff Barr)

If you are interested in a particular campaign focus, please leave a comment below and give a bit more detail, thanks.

38 Degrees campaign toolkit

Finally, please take a look at this campaign toolkit on Clinical Commissioning Groups. It is an excellent resource,choc full of useful information and advice. Some copies will be available on the day but if you can download and print out your own, so much the better.


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