Workshop on economy vs a people focused campaign as part of future NHS campaigns

Overall it’s true that more campaigning is needed but if a strategy is followed, repeating messages rather than going off at tangents, the messages will be more effective.

A suggested theme for the strategy is that Labour is about people, their friends and their families. Therefore all campaigns should reflect that and focus on human interest and above all, the role of the NHS in the lives and the happiness of our friends and families.

While we understand that money matters, very few of us (unlike Stanley) understand how national or international economics work. It definitely has very little to do with household budgets, as Margaret Thatcher claimed but her assurance that, as a housewife she knew what to do, resonated because it was within our understanding.

Wealthy public schoolboys look as if they know what to do with money too and maybe that is why they are trusted with it but in fact, taking it from the poorest will have no effect on the government overspend but it does look tough.

We need a strong line that we have brilliant economists ready to deal with keeping the country running but while they sort out their plans we have to look after our friends and family, where people are very clear in all national surveys, the greatest source of their happiness is shared.

Campaigns on human happiness will resonate well with most people and should be more effective. What makes NHS staff happy? How does opting for NHS treatment keep NHS staff happy? Etc etc…

While a massive conspiracy theory approach makes us feel powerless, we do need to point out confidently where we are being misled about the NHS, as we were about Mid Staffs Hospital and we are about putting profit before patients in every setting.


Sue Wolstenholme Chart. PR FCIPR


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