West Cornwall Model of Organising

Notes from workshop facilitated by Anthony Matthews:

  • Pressure to be put on Town Councils to pass motions against privatisation of Community Health Services.
  • Urge Kernow CCG to make their constitution public.
  • Highlight and promote the results of local privatisation failures – that of Serco’s being a high profile case in point.
  • Access all local media on a regular basis, Lawrence Reed’s show on Radio Cornwall was identified as a prime venue in which to air local anti-privatisation views. Perhaps even combining to make group ‘assaults’ when a relevant health services issue is being discussed.
  • Identify strong local loyalties that can surround smaller hospitals. Local people were enthusiastic when it came to participating in the campaign to stop the proposed closure of a ward in West Cornwall Hospital. This is an emotional attachment that I have experienced myself, having been a patient there as a small child.
  • The propensity to close small hospitals can be a significant threat in a poor county, with poor transport links, such as Cornwall. For instance with the transfer of services away from West Cornwall Hospital people were/are forced to go to Treliske. Transport issues can therefore be highlighted as an important issue encountered with the centralisation of health services in West Cornwall.
  • Also, an idea worth looking at would be, as Caroline Molloy, a health campaigner from Gloucestershire suggests, to hold the local MP to account by asking them whether they would be prepared to publicly commit to supporting public ownership of the NHS or, at least, whether they support their electorate’s right to decide whether their services stay within the NHS. Maybe push them to sign up to a short public pledge to this effect. She advises not to accept any fudge on this.



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