Reflections on the day by Geoff Barr, KONP Devon

Saturday 14th November

Well, it is over now and we ask how it was.

Briefly it wildly exceeded my expectations. More people, more energy, more dedication, more serious confrontation of the issues for campaigners.

I walked in after a drive through the rain and mist to a hall already buzzing with conversation.

But the start time came and promptly we got down to business – no messing.

We had 4 speakers each of whom produced something different and useful for our work. The format of each speaker being kept on a fairly tight leash and immediately facing questions and comments worked well.

Lunch was great then we settled down to workshops. I often dread workshops in which meaningless discussion gives forth pointless conclusions. But I need not have worried, the workshops were well focussed and certainly the one I was in was very well run.

The coming together session then again was strong.

Then off we went encouraged, inspired and with a better understanding of the issues.

Congratulations to all the people who did the hard graft of putting it together. I know that the more work beforehand the better the day works – they must have worked very hard indeed.

The whole thing inspired some of us from Exeter to think about a similar event next year in Exeter. Watch this space.

Best wishes


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